Asian Americans feel voiceless in American society, yet would like to have a bigger say in community and policy rather than continue to be complacent.  However such a direction is difficult because unlike the African American/Latino community, the Asian community lacks in population number and as well as in unity to showcase a powerful voice.  For example, African Americans have been able to voice their concerns because of the freedom movement from slavery, and Latinos all unite under the Spanish language.

It is more challenging for Asian Americans because there is less of a pan-Asian unity: Asian Americans are too secluded, such as in their Korean-American group, or Chinese-American, or Malaysian-American groups.  Without pan-Asian unity, there is no powerful Asian American voice in America’s society.  With no voice, there is complacency.  With complacency, it means nothing will really get done, and Asian stereotypes cannot be broken.

As a result, many Asian Americans feel they are not taken seriously. Asian Americans can feel alone with these prejudices, and thus AYLO can empower individuals in the Asian community.


AYLO is a pan-Asian alliance that seeks to empower the next generation of Asian professionals. By fostering a diverse community that practices tolerance, respect, and cooperation, AYLO seeks to become a platform through which Asians/Asian Americans can share opportunities for advancement: opportunities to network, learn and grow within one’s chosen field or career, as well as improved access to experiences, jobs and careers that are traditionally well-guarded and difficult to attain for many Asians/Asian Americans. Until Asians are fully represented in every field, society is losing out on the talents of a vast number of potential contributors.